#603 Wednesday 24 August 2016



TIME: 5:30PM

LOCATION: The Block off of Biltmore

39 S. Market Street (Corner of Eagle & Market)

Asheville, NC 28801 Get directions 828-254-9277

Want an easy way to make a positive difference in Asheville and Buncombe County? Here is one way businesses/organizations can help…

Calling all Businesses and Organizations,

The City of Asheville and the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to launch the Asheville Workplace Challenge, a self-assessment tool that gives local businesses ways to save money and reduce their environmental impact.


Why should businesses participate?

Through the Asheville Workplace Challenge, businesses can increase awareness of environmental issues and reduce energy use, water consumption and waste. Businesses that join the Challenge can improve their operations and reduce costs and have an opportunity to become part of a larger network with similar sustainability goals that will provide support and recognition along the way. The Workplace Challenge will track a company’s progress and provide resources to guide them through their sustainability journey. Optional programs such as lunch-and-learns geared toward specific challenging areas will be offered throughout the process. Participating businesses will have the opportunity to win prizes and awards and be recognized for efforts as a leader in sustainability.


Who and can participate and how?

Businesses and organizations of all sizes throughout Western North Carolina are encouraged to participate. Award winners must be located in Buncombe County.

To participate, businesses complete an online survey assessing current energy and water use, how employees get to work, and what types of waste are generated. This baseline data provides a starting point to help the business understand how they are currently performing so they can apply tips to help them save money, increase awareness and become more sustainable. Businesses can complete a range of tasks designed to improve their workplaces and Green Challenge score by editing their survey until the closing date. Awards in several categories will be handed out at the first annual Green Workplace Challenge Ceremony later this year.


Haley Mahoney

Sustainability Technician

Office of Sustainability

City of Asheville

Phone: 828.259.5721


I generally work Tuesday-Thursday.

 Sign up to take the Asheville Workplace Challenge! http://asheville.municipalchallenge.com/

Website: http://asheville.municipalchallenge.com/