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Efforts towards sustainability in any field are built on processes for communicating, learning, and sharing knowledge, engaging people in their multiple roles as individuals, and as members of communities and organizations.* Asheville Green Drinks is actively building a team dedicated to advancing the promotion of sustainability and social justice education in Western North Carolina. If you are interested in improving collaboration within a range of green governance and community initiatives – you have found the right place.

We are seeking individuals who have a competency in design, WordPress, social media, PHP, marketing, public relations, sponsorship sales, event production and/or live event hosting. Asheville Green Drinks has yet to advance its presence in a wider range of social networks, forums, community processes and media. When we started in 2005, people thought we where crazy to have a Green Drinks event every week. Now, we are gunning for several Green Drinks events in Asheville per week. Want to help, have fun and meet new people? Come to one of our events and meet us.

If you are interested in supporting constructive collaboration in the green and social justice movement please contact us at or call 828.216.5769